About BPR Designs

Welcome to my glass shop!

I started fusing glass several years ago as a way to exercise the more creative side of my brain, and I found working with glass to be addicting! Portland is such a great city for glass, with Bullseye Glass Company right outside my door. So I bought my own kiln, talked my husband out of a corner of his shop for my glass table and jumped in with both feet!

Soon I had filled up my house and gifted everyone I knew and still had more designs in my head! So I built an online site and I was off to the races. My garden is my inspiration -- so much color and texture there. You can usually find me there if I am not in the glass shop! 

I have studied with Gil Reynolds, Nathan Sandberg, Christine Corbett, Lynn Takata, Kelly Crosser Alge and Jennifer Wells, to name a few.

Now I have my own glass studio, 3 busy kilns and lots of happy customers. My designs are contemporary and colorful but I love doing custom work as well, so feel free to contact me at bprdesigns.glass@gmail.com if you have some questions!